Harness And Cable

Cable Harnesses and assemblies for a variety of challenging applications.

Multi-pin harness and cable assemblies

A cable harness is only as reliable as its weakest connection point and with over 25 years of connector design and manufacturing experience, Cristek knows connectors! Combining unparalleled connector expertise, over $1 million of cable assembly specific equipment with experienced cable technicians and engineers ensures you can trust Cristek with your most critical harness assembly challenges.

Cristek is there for you from concept through full scale production. Our range of applications experience in satellites, missiles, weapon systems, ground shelters, vehicles, medical devices, and many others, allows us to draw from a tight menu of best practices to yield cost effective designs and repeatable results. When you plug a Cristek assembly into your system it works first time, every time!

Harnesses - Cables - For electronic assembliesAreas of expertise and capability include:

Assembly & Test

  • Operators and inspectors are IPC/WHMA – A- 620 and S-STD-001ES Certified
  • Environmental stress screening, xray and vacuum bake available
  • 100% electrical test IAW IPC/WHMA-A-620 or application specific requirements


  • Wire range from 8 AWG to 34 AWG
  • Overmolding & potting
  • Machine overbraid: 16 to 64 carrier, Shielding & jacketing (eg: Kevlar)
  • Complex wire harnesses requiring three dimensional fixturing
  • Solderless termination of micro miniature (M83513) style connectors

RF Microwave Cables

Cristek designs and manufactures semi-rigid and flexible RF and microwave cables assemblies for a wide range of high reliability applications ranging from DC through 67 GHz. Contact Cristek early in your design process for so our experts can provide you suggestions resulting in the most cost effective solution to meet your environmental, electrical and mechanical requirements.

As a qualified connector designer and manufacturer, Cristek can couple its application specific connector designs with the right cable to meet your most demanding requirements. If you have already selected your materials and components, Cristek will also provide turn-key build to print cables processed by our expert team of certified operators.

Cristek offers four grades of enhanced performance flexible cables series in addition to common military grade RG, semi rigid and hand conformable series. Contact the factory for part number construction,
pricing and availability.

Cristek RF and Microwave cable assembly brands include:

Greyhound Ultimate Performance Cable

  • Like its high performance, four-legged namesake, the Cristek Greyhound flexible cable series provides the ultra performance! Combining phase stability over flexure and temperature with the lowest insertion loss at high frequency these cables come up winners in the most demanding situations. For laboratory and test however, we recommend the nearly equivalent performance and lower cost “Labrador” series.

Labrador Ultra Performance Cable

  • The Labrador is a tremendously athletic, energetic, smart and breed of dog that adapts to nearly any situation. Labrador cables perform nearly as well as Greyhounds in most situations and are lowest cost. They should be the first choice for test and measurement applications but if phase stability over temperature and flex is required the Greyhound is the better selection.

Bullmastiff Defender Cable

  • The Labrador series adapted and modified to include a variety of armoring and protective options is named for the Bullmastiff. At its core is an intelligent and docile dog that exhibits extreme toughness when threatened. Bullmastiff cables protect your gear from moisture, UV light and other outdoor threats. They can repel abrasive environments introduced through high vibration as well as having an added layer of fire resistance. Available with better than 300 PSI of pressure, they can be ordered to resist crushing due to foot traffic, light vehicle. Cables ordered with the armor have the added benefit of kink resistance and improved RF shielding.

German Shepherd Improved RG Performance Cable

  • The German Shepherd is a loyal, bold and courageous dog; confident, fearless and a quick learner. As the world number one choice for police and military and one of the most popular breeds chosen by families in the United States, it is a true all around “workhorse” dog. That is why we named Cristek’s improved RG flexible cables after this all around top notch dog breed. Shepherd cables take advantage of standard RG cable materials but incorporate an improved outer conductor construction. These cables operate to 18 GHz while their standard RG316 counterparts top out at 3 GHz. Shielding effectiveness is increased from the 60 db average of RG316 to 95dB with an associated 15% improvement in insertion loss.

Dachshund Semi-Rigid Replacement Cable

  • We are not sure why we named these cables after the Dachshund, except that we know that small dog lovers would never forgive us if we overlooked this fiercely loyal, cute and comedic breed. The Dachshund brand of cables are our lowest cost series because they combine the use of off-the-shelf connectors designed for semi-rigid cable with basic performance flexible cable.

Terrier Semi-Rigid RG Cables

  • There are more terrier and terrier derivative breeds than one can count. Each one is unique and loaded with personality. Like terriers, the configurations of semi rigid RG cables seem to be endless. They also tend to be taken for granted. Cristek brings strict process discipline to the fabrication of basic RG semi rigid cables. You can count on us to tame this common but stubborn breed of cable with product produced with minimal variability and the highest standards of workmanship,

Labradoodle Hand Conformable Cables

  • This one is easy….like the hybrid Labradoodle canine, hand conformable cables are a blend of semi-rigid and flexible technologies and features. Cristek has you covered on these, so give us a call and see what we can do!

Bulldog RG Flexible Cables

  • The bulldog scores pretty low on nearly all dog selection criteria except that due to his friendly, calm and gentle demeanor he continues to be one of the most popular breeds. Bulldogs score the lowest on ease-of-training and intelligence – kind of like your basic RG flexible cable. However, if you don’t need high performance these cables should fit the bill, as long as they are constructed with reliable materials and stable processes. Count on Cristek to get the most possible performance out of your bulldog RG cables. Our lean manufacturing disciplines make us an affordable and reliable source to trust your RG cable assemble project to.