Electro Mechanical Assembly

Electro Mechanical Assemblies, Twist Capsules, and Cable Wraps supporting aerospace and defense customers.

Build Box

Cristek combines a quarter century of interconnect design with world class manufacturing experience to support its strategic aerospace and defense customers with box build and electro mechanical assembly. Cristek specializes in high density packages where complex wiring is integrated with electro mechanical and electronic components.

  • Do you have an old design with obsolete components that requires updating prior to your next build?
  • Have spiral development and performance upgrades to your major system or subsystem “crowded out” your box or assembly to the point that you need a major redesign?
  • Need a supplier who documents its materials, processes and assembly instructions providing you no doubt that each assembly will be made exactly the last and that the components used are traceable and precisely what you have specified?
  • Do you need to outsource some of your assembly to free up internal staff and/or meet supplier subcontracting goals for diversity?

Twist Capsules

A niche breed of electro mechanical assembly is a called “twist capsule” or “twist cap.” We like to call them “harness assemblies on steroids” or a “cousin of the slip ring.” This unique construction is used when signals between and input and output must be rotatable in relation to each other and when a traditional cable wrap assembly or slip ring just won’t do.

The twist capsule is an application specific design which combines structural components (stator and rotor) with situationally appropriate interconnect construction throughout (connectors, cable, flex circuitry, etc.). The resulting assembly provides up to a total rotation of 360 degrees (175 degrees in either direction). This packaging approach yields a higher life expectancy and substantially lower torque than a traditional cable assembly. Twist capsules can provide higher circuit density and are typically more cost effective than a slip ring. They also beat the slip ring solution by providing higher signal quality over the system life and having the best overall torque and stability performance.

Cristek’s expertise in high density connector design (down to .025” pitch), harness and flex assembly development and precision machining are laying the foundation for this emerging product line to become a major focus for future investment and growth. Due to the critical need for cleanliness and FOD control to optimize twist capsule performance, assembly is performed in Cristek’s “control room.”

If you have a rotational package with I/O signals – give us a call to see what we can do for you!