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Twist Capsule Whitepaper

Military and civilian aerospace products contain highly advanced electronic systems that depend entirely on the robust transmission of power and signals. Adding to the complexity of the engineering challenge, many of these systems involve components that require relative movement.

Here are some examples of this challenge, both common and high-tech:

  • Transmitting power and signals between stator and rotor electro-optic sensors for weapon systems.
  • Operating pan-tilt mechanisms for video cameras or other sensors.
  • Ensuring reliable power and data transmission for antenna pointing mechanisms, elevation and azimuth gimbals, and other delicate equipment in harsh environments of space.

In essence, for sophisticated aerospace applications, selecting the correct supplier can determine the success of the final product or lead to a commercial standstill. This article delves into the challenges encountered by engineers in designing signal transmission across rotation interfaces and stresses the significance of not only choosing the appropriate technology but also collaborating with the right supplier.