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Nano Miniatures Connectors: Saving space, weight and time in a variety of industry applications.

Nano Miniatures - Cristek Nano connectors

The Nano Miniature contact was first developed in the mid 1960’s. Its introduction increased package density from 400 contacts per square inch in the Micro Miniature to 1600 contacts per square inch in the Nano Miniature. This leap in high-reliability and high-contact density was well suited for future demands in high-speed signals, reduction in board packaging, and significant weight savings.

Advances in flexible and rigid printed circuit technology, in conjunction with needing to maximize space, reduce weight, and save time, have increased the demand for Nano Miniature connectors.

Cristek Nano connectors utilize the same reverse gender contact system as our Micro connectors; however, the contacts in the Nano are 30 AWG whereas the Micro contacts are 24 AWG.. From MIL-DTL-32139 specifications to completely custom designs, the Cristek Nano Miniature connectors are available with a variety of available options. We have plastic and metalized packages; strip, single and dual row lobed style, and circular layouts; in wire, through hole PCB, and surface mount PCB termination versions.

Our Nano Miniature is suitable for use in implantable medical devices, petroleum applications, vision equipment, control systems, missiles, satellites, and space probes: It is our most dynamic product line, so if you don't see what you are looking for in our MOTS section, be sure to let us know.

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